Our Story

We’re on a mission to produce purpose-driven, human-centered narratives.

We believe in, empower and hero the thought leaders, academics, and researchers; elevating the innovative work they do while presenting their projects in a strategic, bold, and human-centered way.

We leverage empathy and purpose to craft compelling stories that engage our audiences, opening their eyes to new ideas & thinking.

Our Vision

To craft stories that awaken your spirit

What sets us apart

Technical Expertise
We understand the complex nature of your work, and how to best present it in a clear, concise, and engaging way.
Strategically Driven Narratives
We craft strategic brand narratives that account for your audience, positioning, and greater organizational goals.
Customer Experience Excellence
We provide a personalized, empathetic, and frictionless approach, delivering a positive experience that builds trust and exceeds expectations.

Our Senior team

Rashad Howard
Co-Founder & Managing Director

Rashad Howard is an Entrepreneur, Investor, and Change Agent with a serious commitment to using business as his activism – a means of creating and building self-determination, financial, and psychological freedom in the community.

He is uniquely talented at helping his clients and partners leverage outside-the-box methods to channel innovations using the power of association: marrying imagination with research; organizational creativity with best practices; inspiration with deliberation; and all for the purpose of bringing elegant solutions to incredibly complex problems.

Rashad believes that inspiration can strike at any time, and so he still takes his beat machine in his backpack everywhere he travels, along with his leather journal filled with pages full of rap verses; notes from client meetings; new ideas; and love letters to himself full of positive affirmations to stay centered in such a competitive entrepreneurial landscape.

He has a Bachelor of Science in English from the United States Air Force Academy and an MBA from the Pamplin College of Business at Virginia Tech.

Dewayne Jones
Co-Founder & Creative Director

For more than a decade, Dewayne has collaborated with the world’s leading organizations and thought leaders to craft and deliver engaging cinematic and photographic narratives. With a strong passion for producing and directing, he brings a high level of creativity and expertise to every project he touches. To date, he’s worked with clients that include MTV, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the Defense Logistics Agency to produce and execute a wealth of documentaries, corporate and commercial productions across the US.

Born in Los Angeles, he got his start working with renowned actor and comedian Tyler Perry on the hit television series “Too Close to Home”. Following a successful run, he was recruited by TLC and National Geographic to work on the Award-winning movie “Killing Reagan”.

Renowned for his hustle, drive, and creative approach, he’s collaborated with a wealth of Fortune 500 C-Level executives and organizations to capture and produce thought-provoking narratives. From corporate offsites and events to reality shows and commercials, Dewayne continues to push the boundaries of cinematic storytelling on a global scale.

Today, Dewayne lives with his wife Sara Jones, and their three boys in Atlanta, Georgia.